Valentines Day Gifts for your Cat

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Spread the love With Valentines Day fast approaching do you have the gift for the kitty you love? Here we have the best guide to homemade and bought gifts suitable for any budget! First I

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With Valentines Day fast approaching do you have the gift for the kitty you love? Here we have the best guide to homemade and bought gifts suitable for any budget!

First I want to give a mention to Daisy Mae who won our Xmas competition. She’s been enjoying her gift since Xmas. Pet parent Crystal says Daisy Mae loves to play with her toys at night and as yet all her toys are still intact! What a good girl Daisy Mae is! Here is a picture of Daisy Mae courtesy of Crystal. Thanks Crystal and good luck for future competitions.

Lovers day is around the corner and everyone is rushing to the stores to check the latest gifts before the stocks get depleted. Valentine is a day to celebrate everyone you love—which includes your pet. Americans are well-aware of this and it is not surprising to find people spending hundreds of dollars on gifts for their pets.

Americans expected to spend millions on gifts for their cats

Breaking meows! It turns out like this year’s Valentine’s day is specially meant for the furry friends. According to, Americans are expected to spend approximately $647.9 million on valentine gifts for their cats and dogs. Although this number looks huge, for at least some of these families or household, looks like love doesn’t last forever—it reflects a whopping 21% decrease from last year where Americans spent more than $822.9 million on pet gifts. Here are some other interesting fun facts about pet gifts during valentine.

  •      About 8.5% of American households will give gifts to their pets this valentine. That is approximately 5.4 million households.
  •        2.2 million households will give gifts to their kitties.
  •       Those who buy gifts for cats are less than those who purchase dog gifts, but amazingly those purchasing gifts for their felines are likely to spend more this year.
  •       On average a household is expected to spend about $96 on pet cats and $80 on pet dogs.

    Roughly, households in 2019 will spend about 439.9 million in cat gifts

Millennials expected to be the big spenders on valentine gifts for pets

Funny but relatively logic, most young people will be on the forefront in purchasing the purr-fect gifts for their beloved pets. Therefore, it is obvious that both two legged and four legged fellows will receive gifts from young people more than from older people.

That doesn’t mean that our older generation does not enjoy gifting, we just meant that adults between 19 and 35 are more thrilled to love and be loved and will spend larger sums of money purchasing gifts than older people. So, kitties with owners around this age group are in for some treats this Valentines Day .

Adorable DIY pet gifts that you should try making at home for your kitty

I don’t know much about other cats, but our cat Sofie is a toy maker. She will literally make a toy out of just about anything she comes across. As a cat parent, you by now know that they enjoy playing with toys particularly the younger felines. This valentine, instead of hitting the shops to purchase an expensive toy as a gift, get creative and make a cute cat toys to give your pet. Kitties love homemade gifts just like humans!

Cute homemade gifts for your kitty

Just because you’re on a budget doesn’t mean you can’t get your kitty something special. Throw your creativity into making your kitty a beautiful cardboard cat house. Make this adorable house from two cardboard boxes, some tape, card, glue and paint. It’s perfectly possible to achieve a quality result. Just take your time cutting out the doors and windows. Follow nine easy steps to make this house, then tuck a cushion inside. Your kitty will love it.

Kitty Self-petting Station

Kitties love their bodies and most often can be seen rubbing and running themselves on anything. Instead of allowing him to ruin your flower pots or your neatly folded rugs, watch him play and roll around at this adorable petting station made from a toilet brush and a carpet and he will definitely love you for this. Check the simple tutorial of how to make this awesome pet gift from Love Pets DIY.

Shoelace Cat Teaser

Cat teasers are a favorite toy for most cats. Many people assume that it is a complicated toy to make on their own at home, but it is not. In fact it is the easiest toy to make, and this simple design requires materials that you can easily find at your nearby craft store. We are sure your cat will love it. You can check out the complete instructions here.

Tastiest Cat Treats

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Don’t forget to love your cat with an edible gift this Valentines Day. These treats from feline Greenies delivers first class nutrition as well as a crispy dental boost. With just 1.39 calories each you can keep on treating your cat guilt-free. Always check out suppliers to get the best deals on shipping and price.

Best Electronic Toy

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We love this toy which is perfect for keeping your indoor cat amused and fit. The toy rolls automatically with an LED light so your kitty can chase it. The ball changes direction on its own but the special LED light won’t hurt your cat’s eyes. Your kitty will love you for this gift on Valentines Day.

And check out the amazing savings you can get from supplier Banggood. Not heard of giant Banggood yet? There a huge company like Amazon and have unbeatable saving on some goods like this one. So check it out. You can pick up this fun toy for less than ten dollars when you switch to Banggood!

Best Cat Hammock

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Cats love to watch the world go by. Your cat will love you for their new relaxing swing as they view the world. The Oster sunny seat is a top seller. That’s because it’s a no nonsense no-install good looking cat hammock at a great price.

Best Cat Bed

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Wow. This amazing mini sofa for your cat is beyond cute. What self respecting kitty wouldn’t love to lounge on this minimalistic style sofa. I’d be inclined to add a mini side coffee table as a fun feature fashioned from a shoe box.

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