The Story of Biden Boopy Boo

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I rescued Biden way back in July 2018. It seems a long time ago now. But Biden is one cute little kitty – who is just the epitome of a perfect cat. He was just a stray Bulgarian kitten picked off the street like any other. And mostly, 90% of the street cats are not hitting it off in the looks department with their mismatched markings. 

Biden, on the other hand, is perfect. He is exactly like the Whiskas kitten  – He’s beautiful. He has kept his cute kitten look even though he’s now around 18 months old He is the sweetest most adorable little boy. 

I have made a point when I have taken him to the vets that I have rescued him because he was sick. And not because I was looking for the most perfect kitten in the town – which he just happens to be. 

Repeatedly I have pointed out this out – because he’s so damn perfect. We can easily gaze for hours at all his beautiful markings with his eyeliner-like markings and perfectly symmetrical markings and dots where his whiskers are.

But aside from him being beautiful – I was in the market for a kitten last year and things just kind of happened. 

A bedraggled looking cat we called Mumsie finally showed us her delightful bunch of kittens. 

First, she had three kittens then along came a slightly larger kitten that had lost his mum – It took a while for him to adjust and be accepted but he did in the end. So then there were four but then one disappeared. So we were down to three.  

I fed them all daily. There was no real plan. I just fed them all. Mumsie was white and brown. And her larger similar-looking female kitten I named Biscuit. I called the black and white orphaned kitten Annie. But it became clear he was a boy, so I called him Arnie. 

Then there was the runt of the litter, I named Biden. He was always hanging back and way smaller.  When he eventually came to feed, he was easy to stroke and didn’t pull away from the pressure of my hand. 

Biden often got lost and spent a night on his own. Biscuit and Arnie hit it off and left tiny Biden out of things

One day, Bidey trotted into the car park where I fed them every day. He tucked into his food but his eye was sore. I marched back home, picked up a cat carrier and put him in. I was able to handle the kittens already. And I marched home with him. 

Arnie saw me “steal” Bidey and all the cats circled the house. But Bidey needed medical treatment, so he was staying despite the twilight meowing of cats.

At the vets on Monday morning, pus was rolling from his eye and he was sleeping so awkwardly. The vet realized in seconds the reason behind this. He had a spear of a twig or bone in his eyeball – over an inch long. WOW. 

He also had an umbilical hernia.

But with his neutering and hernia operation done – he’s just the cutest happiest little cat. 

We couldn’t want for a more delightful loving little kitty.