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Super Cute Xmas Cat Toys – and make a donation to your favorite pet charity, without it costing you a dime!

Well the festive season will be upon us soon and first and foremost, a big Congrats to Queen Daisy Mae who will be receiving a Xmas Stocking in the post from Miss Pet Paws. Krystal was the winner of our November Giveaway so we look forward to some photos of Daisy Mae playing with her toys!

Moving on, with the festivities fast approaching, here are some fun and astounding facts about people and their pets…

By the time that 2018 has rolled to an end it is expected that Americans will have spent over a billion dollars on buying gifts for their fur babies! Wow!

Now 350 million dollars of that has already been spent on Halloween dress up outfits for your pets! So it’s debatable if that’s more a gift to yourselves rather than your pet!  

95% of pet owners will buy their pet a Xmas present!

That aside, up to 95% of pet owners will buy their pet a Xmas present. US pet owners will spend on average $36 and UK pet owners will splash out $46.

In fact a survey by has provided some fun statistics.

    • One third of pet owners admitted to buying a present for their pet EVERY Birthday and Xmas
    • 11% of owners gave their pet a gift on Valentines Day
    • 78% buy their pet a gift at least once a year
    • 61% buy their pet a gift for their Birthday
    • 3% have dyed their pet’s hair
    • 5% have created a social media account for their pet
    • 3% have taken their pet out in a stroller

Okay, so I will admit to being part of that last 3%. I took my Cavalier King Charles Spaniel out in my doll’s pram. But I was only 11 years old!

Fun Christmas Facts 

And a survey by the RSPCA revealed these fun facts.

    • 54% of pets have a Christmas stocking;
    • 34% have a special pet-safe advent calendar;
    • 29% will receive a Christmas card
    • 16% of owners polled have their pets pictured on their Christmas cards

Donate for free!

If you’re currently shopping for a gift for your cat for Xmas here are some super fun gifts we found. If you are shopping on Amazon can we ask you to check that your Amazon account is set so that you donate when you shop. Amazon will donate 0.5% each and every time you shop and you can pick from tens of thousands of charities that have signed up. Sign into your Amazon Smile account to make sure you donate as you shop.  

Cat Scratcher

Check out this super fun retro style record deck for your cat to DJ by scratching his paws on the decks!

Cat Toys

Or what about this fun PetSafe Bolt Interactive Laser Cat Toy The laser will move around and amuse your cat for hours! It’s also an affordable toy under twenty dollars.

We also love this sensory toy we found that will keep your kitty amused from Easyology. It’s an Amazing Roller Cat Toy that’s Interactive Fun with 3-Levels. It’s also a super affordable price.

Cat Collars

We also absolutely adore this pet collar from Pettsie. It will look amazing on your kitty, It’s just the sweetest and most charming collar with an adorable wood heart. What’s so gorgeous about this gift is it comes with a matching friendship bracelet for you to wear on your wrist both the bracelet and the collar are adjustable and there are a variety of colors and styles. It’s also super affordable like all our gifts and under twenty dollars!

We also absolutely adore this twin pack of collars from Blueberry. There’s a collar with a bell and one with a flower. Stunning value again at under twenty dollars. We love the stunning plum, perfect orange and relaxing jungle green colors from a range of ten to choose from.

Cat House

Wow, hail your cat a taxi with this super cute Moggiez & Doggiez CAT House, CONDO & Cats CAVE & Cardboard Tower for Scratching, Sleep or Play Pet Bed (NYC CAB)

This cat house is also a toy for scratching and a lounger bed, the gift also comes with a free ebook for cat training. It’s a super cool gift your cat is sure to love. Choose from yellow NYC cab or London black cab. Another super affordable gift under twenty-five dollars with free shipping.

Cat Door

PAWSM have produced this delightful interior cat door. Your cat will love it as it has a clip on grooming brush for every time your kitty brushes past it. It will reduce cat hair and you can use it to separate kids and dogs from a litter tray. PAWSM also make a small monthly contribution to the ASPCA. Once again an affordable under thirty dollar gift.

Cat Nip

Everyone likes a little tipple at Xmas so give your cat a treat too. We picked out this fun Cat Dope Catnip. It’s harvested fresh high potency catnip from Canada in a fun jar. It’s a great stocking filler for your kitty at under ten dollars.

Cat Christmas Stocking

We just love this Holiday Kitty Stocking. It’s filled with catnip, two bags of Temptations treat and a catnip stuffed mouse toy. This luxury stocking is under twenty five dollars.

Cat Sofa

If you’re splashing out we absolutely adore cat furniture. Check out this cat sofa from Paws & Purrs. It’s beyond cute and comes in stylish oatmeal so your kitty will blend in beautifully with other human furniture. Highly recommended.

Wishing you and your kitty a wonderful Christmas. We’d love you to leave a comment, like or share.

Miss Pet Paws.


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