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Spread the loveMari Mari is looking for his furrever home… Now he’s in Bulgaria and chances are you aren’t (But, hey if you are great!). Yet the beauty of social shares means that you could

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Mari is looking for his furrever home…

Now he’s in Bulgaria and chances are you aren’t (But, hey if you are great!). Yet the beauty of social shares means that you could still be the person that changes this cat’s life forever. 

A little about the power of social media marketing in the pet rescue in one second. But please let me introduce Mari to you…

We’ve known Mari for around 6 months now. I’m a sucker for homeless cats and there are far too many in Sarafovo, near Burgas, on the sunny Black coast of Bulgaria. 

I feed quite a few of the poor little mites and with there being so many we initially called Mari – Shoppy because he turned up at the local shop and made his home there. And it’s easy to remember them by place or looks. 

So yes, Shoppy used to hang around the local shop. And most days I would go out past the shop at least once, if not a few times – and Shoppy and I would hang out, together.  

He would come running, nearly get himself trapped in the shop door making himself known and asking for a packet of Kite Kat. 

But regardless of whether there was Kite Kat on the cards or not – Shoppy was in it for the hugs. I’d sit on the bench and he would jump on my lap and purr and be so affectionate rubbing his head close to my face. Or he’d make biscuits on my lap and it was hard to move on and go home. 

Sometimes he’d follow a little but he knew he had to hang around the shop. We asked about him in the Shop because on occasion his eye looked sore. 

Some Broken English later and it turned a young woman had dropped him off there, “Because he wanted to escape,” but when I met her she assured me she had antibiotics for his eye. She returned regularly maybe once or twice a day to feed him. And so that was that, and I avoided passing any judgments about her story or the cat’s welfare. 

The thing that distinguished Shoppy from the other strays was his loving nature – it doesn’t matter how close I am with some of the other homeless kitties – it’s rare for a cat to just want to hug and sit on your lap. 

But in terms of a homeless cat – it appeared Shoppy was doing pretty well. His ability to get on so well with so many humans made him a fixture outside the shop where locals would stay for half an hour or so to drink and chat.  And Shoppy was friends with everyone.

Time passed by and his eye looked quite bad at times but there was nothing to be done really but cuddle and feed him. Culturally and legally speaking it wasn’t really for me to step in. 

However, on a sun-baked late afternoon, I found Shoppy (or as we had learned his name now was Mari) laying outside the shop exhausted and thin and his eye was in a terrible state.  His face was covered in blood and pus that I thought he might have been in a fight, he looked so bloody and swollen.

I went into the shop and spoke to the owner who said that Mari’s owner had left Sarafovo for work in nearby Sunny Beach. I immediately stormed home, picked up a cat carrier and marched back to the shop. 

I put a bowl of food in the cat carrier and with a gentle push, Mari was in. He was exhausted and not behaving like a cat anymore. The pain he was in does not bear thinking about. 

I took him to our vets where the senior vet told us that Mari had a deep ulcer caused by trauma that may not respond to treatment and may require expensive surgery. 

I went home with instructions to put drops and ointment in his eye every 12 hours. Two days later on Sunday morning, I raced back to the vets to pick up painkillers for him as I have honestly never seen an animal in so much pain. 

He would attempt to dislodge some of the pus and blood that had dried on his face and then just shriek in pain and his whole body would flinch and spasm. All he could do was sit still with both eyes shut trying to cope as the pain reduced a little. It was heartbreaking to watch. After 7 days it appeared Mari was in a little less pain than he had been and we went back to the vets, as advised.  

This time now the ulcer had gone down,  the vets were able to point out to me something in his eye. All this time, over months, Mari had a foreign body like a twig around a half an inch or a centimeter in size lodged in his eye. 

The vets removed the foreign body and he has begun to get far better. But he is still having some treatment at the moment. The agony that Mari has been in is unbelievable. He’d been like that for months!!! It must have been torture.

So we have Mari currently and are looking after him- but we need to find him a furrever home. We have two other cats and Bidey Bear is a still a very young cat with a baby-ish nature. And he is terrified of Mari even though Mari has shown no aggression. 

It’s not an ideal situation, therefore. We have to put our cats in one bedroom to let Mari run around the house and vice versa. So at any one time, we have to have one cat or two cats cooped up in a bedroom. 

Mari is a loving cat who has been through so much and we are looking for a lucky and loving home in Bulgaria for him. He deserves a furrever home so much after all he has been through. We are being kindly helped out by the Bulgarian Stray Cats Rescue & Rehabilitation Centre

But here’s how you can help. Social media is an amazingly powerful tool in helping and changing the lives of homeless pets globally. 

It doesn’t matter if you don’t think anyone views your page, shares work. The more people see a post then the greater the chance of success, it’s simple. 

We know that it’s rare to have the opportunity to give a cat a home. Cats live a long time and there’s a limit to how many cats you can feasibly give a home to. 

But there’s no limit to sharing rescue posts. With every successful rehoming of a pet, it’s often a long line of shares that connects the animal with its furrever home. 

I know that if one million people saw this post – Mari would be rehomed. Out of one million people – there would have to be one – that had the space, love, and time for him. 

Now one million people won’t see this post. But if everybody that saw this post shared it and the next shared it and the next…

Sharing costs absolutely nothing, you don’t have to spend a dime or open up your home it just takes a second and a click. 

This really is a long shot to get Mari a home – so please will you share this post and help Mari connect with his furrever family. Thank you so much for reading and I welcome readers comments below. 


Miss Pet Paws

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