Paws Cat Cafe Kent Review

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Paws Cat Cafe Kent review with FAQ.

Paws Cat Cafe Kent is the purrfect place to spend an hour or two with cats and coffee.

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Paws Cat Cafe Kent review with FAQ.  

Paws Cat Cafe Kent is the purrfect place to spend an hour or two with cats and coffee. 

We found out more about this charming cat cafe located in the heart of the English countryside in Tonbridge Wells, Kent, UK. 

All credit goes to Paws Cat Cafe Kent

Can I adopt a cat from Paw Cat Cafe Kent?

While cat cafes with permanent cats are okay there somewhat akin to a zoo. I like to see cat cafes getting involved in cat rescue and re-homing. However, I am reliably informed cat cafes are not necessarily the best environment for re-homing cats.

The cats at Paws Cat Cafe have all been adopted from local cat re-homing charity Romney House.  

The story behind Paws Cat Cafe is cute. Essentially, it’s a lady that just loves cats so much, that she has extended her cat family to a cat cafe too. 

I could see myself having that dream too – wanting to have too many cats – and so opening a cat cafe. In case you hadn’t noticed I love cake and coffee, too. I emailed Paws to get the full picture on their cats and re-homing work. So in Paws Cafe’s own words:

All of the cats here have been rescued from Romney House Cat Rescue and are not available for adoption. After discussions with the rescue centre as well as a cat behaviorist that we work with we decided against it. If we keep re-homing and uprooting the cats it becomes very stressful for them, so we offer them a full-time happy home here with us. The cats we have are all ones that needed an indoor home each for their own reasons, they also liked living with other cats and love a high level of attention meaning they would all fit in here well.

We work alongside Romney House so if people are hoping to adopt we can refer them there. 

All of the cats here have free rein from an upstairs area which is private to the cafe where all the customers can see them and have their tea and cake. So if the cats do not want to be around people they have the space to go and take a break. and use the litter trays etc. So which cats you see may vary on a regular basis. We have a number that is almost always downstairs and others who do prefer to come down on their terms, We also currently have some who are in rehabilitation with us so you would be less likely to see them as they can sometimes still be nervous and currently only come down in quieter times, but we hope to soon have them at the same level as the rest with lots of love and attention.

For more information to Re-home or sponsor please contact Silvana at Romney house.

All credit goes to Paws Cat Cafe Kent

The Paws Idea

A comfy cafe for you to come and relax and enjoy socialising with our resident feline friends. Enjoy a slice of cake and a cup of coffee and a cat or two….or three…or more!

The Paws Story

Our Story started long ago, as a family that has always grown up with cats since the start, this was inevitable really. The idea first came about after I decided I needed more cats, with both of my children all grown up I needed more babies… the fur kind. My daughter decided that for my birthday she would get me 2 new cats. My husband wasn’t so sure! So I got 2 cats!

Simba and Nala fitted right into the family.

Nala at just over a year old fell pregnant. We had been trying to get her neutered for some time, but she was a small cat and the Vets wanted her to grow a bit before the procedure, by which time it was too late. In May 2017 she gave birth to 3 gorgeous little boys, and we were so smitten we couldn’t help but keep them all!

So our fur family at 5, seemed to have reached its limit. But I still wanted more!

So Paws was born. Now I can have all these fur babies and know I am doing cats that little favor, rescuing those who just wanted some love and making a difference one cat at a time.

All credit goes to Paws Cat Cafe Kent

Cafe Menu

I like the fact that the menu is available on the website. You can check out the menu here.

At the Paws Cat Cafe Kent, you can get a selection of hot drinks from Earl Grey tea and coffee to the Top Cat a hot chocolate topped with whipped cream and marshmallows. Purrfect for a chilled out treat as you spend time with kitties. 

What I also like about the menu is they really don’t charge much at all. This is the South of England after all, just above London and they don’t charge more than £2.20 for a coffee. You can grab a flat, espresso, Americano, latte or cappuccino.  

You can also grab a cold drink such as a Coke, Volvic Water, Sussex Lemonade or a milkshake. 

The menu is a little limited for me – you can grab a slice of cake, cupcake, traybake, gingerbread cat or a bag of crisps (or potato chips in American). They have just added a couple of savory items to the menu. There’s the quintessential British (not American) sausage roll or quiche. The quiche is served with Kent crisps for just £3.95. And an extra-large sausage roll is a mere £2.50. Not only that, if you just want half a sausage roll – you can! For, just £1.25 – served hot or cold. I can’t get over these prices!

They also stock gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan products

All credit goes to Paws Cat Cafe Kent

Packages/Sessions and Pricing

The Paws Cat Cafe Kent asks for just a tiny entrance fee of just five English pounds or as we Brits say a fiver. They explain in their FAQs that this is to pay for food, toys, and vet bills which is only fair and a tiny price to pay for a delightful day out. 

You can book to make sure they have a space for you by heading to their booking form. They recommend booking to avoid disappointment. However, if you turn up and they have space available, they will happily accommodate you.

Paws Cat Cafe Kent booking form. 


The Paws Cat Cafe states that they are not fans of rules but when you have kitties to take care of there have to be some rules. 

One rule they have which is a bit of a shame is that this is an adult-only cafe. However, they do say if you contact them they can make arrangements for small numbers of well-behaved children.

Can I bring my cat to the Paws Cat Cafe Kent? 

People do ask if they can bring their cat to a cat cafe. And I have yet to come across a cat cafe that does that. Sadly, cat cafes are not really a day out for cats. It’s a little like taking your dog to a zoo. He might like it but the answer is still NO!


Cats are funny creatures and they take a long time to make friends with each other. When they don’t know other cats as you well know most cats are nervous and may become aggressive. 

There are a few other rules you will be asked to follow: 

  • No flash photography – The bright light can hurt the cat’s eyes as well as give them a fright.
  • Please do not wake a sleeping cat – Cats need their sleep, just like us at bedtime
  • Don’t feed our furry friends – Most cats are lactose intolerant and despite them telling you they are hungry. We promise they are well fed!
  • Please do not chase or pick up the cats – They just don’t like it! We wouldn’t want them to get upset and scratch you. Let them come to you.

All credit goes to Paws Cat Cafe Kent

Cat Behaviorist

Paws work closely with Cat Behaviourist, Clare Hemington. Clare is an expert in her field with over ten years of experience. She runs a local Cat behaviour practice and sells Honeysuckle toys which can have excellent results. For more details, you can drop by her website and contact her. To find out more about Honeysuckle toys click the link. 


Paws run a few events which you can check out at their Events Page. 

Do they do walk-ins?

Yes, they do walk-ins. But it’s best to book to avoid disappointment. 


The Paws Cat Cafe Kent is located at:

 8 Angel Walk, 



TN9 1TJ. 

Just off the high street, 

There is plenty of parking behind Angel walk and is just a short walk to the cafe.

Opening Hours

Opening Hours are as follows:

Friday – Wednesday 10am-4pm – Closed on Thursday


Ethos – The cafe doesn’t have cats to adopt which is a shame. But they can refer you to Romney House to pick the rescue cat of your dreams 

Policies  – It’s also a shame you can’t bring kids. But it’s also kind of good. If you want to relax with a coffee and cake, kids can be highly excitable and well, annoying – if they’re not yours.  And, they can accommodate well-behaved kids if you contact them.

Menu  – A little limited but you will still get a great coffee, tea, hot chocolate or milkshake, and cake, sausage rolls, and quiche for very modest prices.

Pricing – It’s just £5 or around $6 so it’s a steal. 

Overall Score:

We give the Paws Cat Cafe, Kent an 8 out of 10. 


I highly recommend a visit to Paws Cat Cafe, Kent. So if you’re in the area drop in and you’ll get a great welcome. 

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