Meow Parlour Cat Cafe NYC Review

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Spread the loveMeow Parlour was the first cat café in NYC! It’s an exquisite cafe and purrfect place where you can play with adoptable cats for as little as half an hour or all day.

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Meow Parlour was the first cat café in NYC! It’s an exquisite cafe and purrfect place where you can play with adoptable cats for as little as half an hour or all day.

We found out more about this pawesome cat cafe in NYC. 

Is the cat cafe involved in cat re-homing?

While cat cafes with permanent cats are okay what I love to see is cats in the perfect environment being adopted. 

Meow Parlour had impressive adoption stats anyway but in 2018 with an investment from Petco foundation they have got even better. Since then, Meow Parlour have managed to find over 250 cats furrever homes in just 17 months. They are currently taking in and adopting out around 30 cats a month. What a stunning record. If you are a NewYork resident looking for a feline friend, then this is a perfect way to adopt. 

You can check out current adoptees before you visit. 

All credit goes to Meow Parlour


Cafe Menu

I would have loved to have seen some pictures of the delights on offer on the actual site. But Meow Parlour is co-founded by Christina Ha and Simon Tung who are also owners of Macaron Parlour, next door. You can read their story of how their bakery dreams came true and then cats came into their lives at Macaron Parlour. 

Therefore, what you get at Meow Parlour is excellence not just in cat care and adoption but also excellence in baked goods. You can order a package that includes an hour and a half with cats, macaroons, a drink, and a savory or sweet baked item. 

All credit goes to Macaron Parlour

The menu at Macaron Parlour contains a wide selection of professionally crafted baked items and high quality sourced drinks. They include : 

A variety of scones include bacon, gruyere & scallion, earl grey, lemon, and oatmeal raisin. almond, chocolate, hazelnut, and ham and cheese croissants. 

There are banana, blueberry ricotta, and fig muffin varieties. 

They also serve brownies and rice krispy treats along with a variety of cookies which include Brown Butter Pecan, Chocolate Chip, Fleur de Sel Cookie, Kitchen Sink and 

Mint Thin, Oatmeal. 

Drinks include Bottled Water, house blend Hot Chocolate, Lemonade, and Strawberry Basil Lemonade. There are Sodas by Boylan and teas and coffee by 

Harney & Sons and Counter Culture, respectively. 


Packages/Sessions and Pricing

Meow Parlour offers the following 6 packages:

  • Adults and children over 9 – $8 per 30 minutes
  • Snack time with our cats  – $25 for 1 and a half hours with cats, baked good, drink and 4 macaroons
  • Kid’s Hour – $9 per hour
  • Kitties and Yoga – $25, 1-hour yoga and 30 minutes with the cats
  • Drag Bingo – $25.- 2 hours of cats and bingo with free pizza run by drag queens
  • Cats & Pies  – $130 for 1 hour with cats and pie workshop

All credit goes to Meow Parlour

Drag Bingo

There aren’t too many events but you can book for this fun night of two hours in the cat space with bingo. The event is hosted by drag queens Goldie Lox and Ona Louise and comes with free pizza so it’s amazing value, especially for the Big Apple. 

Cat’s and Pies

The Cat’s and Pies is a novel hybrid of cat and pie lovers. But hey who doesn’t love pies? Cat lovers included! 

Cat’s and pies is a workshop at next door Macaron Parlour run by Allison Kave. Alison is the co-founder of Butter & Scotch and she has also written the book First Prize Pies. You’ll learn how to make a pie from scratch so after this master class, you’ll be mixing, rolling, and crimping like a pro. While the pies bake, head back to Meow Parlour for an hour with the kitties. 

It is an expensive package at $130 but it would make a perfect gift for a special occasion for cat-loving bakers in New York. 

All credit goes to Macaron Parlour



Meow Parlour like other cat cafes have a few rules in place for visitors for the welfare and safety of everyone. Now the rules are just stating the sensible and respectful and maybe even obvious – but if you break the rules (or as they say commit two offenses) you’ll be asked to leave without a refund. 

I was thinking that it really would be a terrible day for all if you brought your child here and then were sent home for breaking the rules. But it appears I was thinking much the same as Meow Parlour actually write on the site – if you don’t think you (or in particular your children) cannot stick to the rules yet, then the best course of action is to not come. 

Clearly, Meow Parlour does not want an upsetting experience for a child but nor do they want their cats scaring and anyone coming to harm. And if you are bringing your child with friends (you can have a maximum group size of five) then make sure everyone in the group can follow the rules.

All credit goes to Meow Parlour

Do they do walk-ins?

There are walk-ins spots but not during children’s hours and special events).

Reservations are the only way to guarantee entry but if they are less busy or have a cancellation, you may be able to just walk-in or wait for a little while. 

If you have reserved a space get there on time! There’s a 20 minute grace period policy before your spot may be given away.

But it if you’d like to reserve you can head to Meow Parlour now to make a booking. 


This cat cafe NYC is located just next door to Macaron Parlour:

Meow Parlour 

46 Hester Street

Manhattan, NY

Opening Hours

Mon, Tues, Thu & Fri: 12pm-8pm

Wed: Closed (open for Yoga & Kitties sessions twice a month)

Sat & Sun: 11am-8pm

*Please note that families with children under 9 must come during our kids’ hours.

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday: 4-5pm

Every 1st and 3rd Sunday of the month: 11am-12pm

All credit goes to Meow Parlour


Ethos – A mix of non-profit and profit parts to the Cafe business and Cat adoption with paid staff. I believe talented entrepreneurs should be paid and while it’s lovely to have cat cafes with volunteers, people need to pay the bills too. These guys are adopting at a rate of a cat a day. PAWESOME!

Policies  – A little strict but it’s good to have boundaries and keep the newbie adoptees feeling safe. If you’re running late, it’s best to call them to make sure they don’t give your place away. 

Menu  – A mix of high quality professional baked goods and drinks. Meow and Macaron Parlour are next door to each other. Co-founder Christina Macaron trained in the US and France to hone her expertise in both baked goods and macaroons. Macaron Parlour has another location on Lower East Side (without a cat cafe). 

Pricing – From $8 per half an hour makes this an affordable cat cafe but not the cheapest. 

We give this cat cafe NYC a 9 out of 10. 


Meow Parlour adopts at a crazy rate, has fully trained staff to deliver impeccable cat care and the cafe serves the highest quality food and drinks. 

If you’re in the big apple or your planning a trip I highly recommend a visit to Meow Parlour. 

Of course, Meow Parlour will be a little too far away for a visit for many of our readers. But if you can’t get there, then check out this fun Meow Parlour video tour. 

And don’t forget to pick up some treats to take home from Macaron Parlour when you’re at this NYC cat cafe.

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