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Mari is looking for his furrever home…


Mari is a white male cat with ginger markings. He weighs around 4kg so he is quite a small tomcat and not very muscular. He is quite an attractive long lean little fellow. You can see pictures of him below. 

Mari during his first week of treatment


We are not sure how old Mari is but think he is quite a young cat. Mari used to be a house cat until his circumstances changed. His owner put him outside a shop when she took a job in Sunny Beach and could no longer care for him. While outside the shop Mari has been making friends with the locals in Sarafovo. It certainly beats digging in bins when you can easily charm a fresh pouch of KiteKat from a friendly shopper. That’s been Mari’s approach for some months. 

He’s made himself a fixture on the shop bench and enjoyed sitting on laps for strokes and cuddles as well as getting fed. He is just as fond of being stroked as he is being fed. He’s an incredibly affectionate cat that wants to head bump and snuggle in your armpit. 

While Mari has been outside the shop his owner was still around and said she was dealing with his sore eye. However, when his eye condition worsened and sadly his previous owner had left we took Mari in and took him to the vets. 

Mari had a deep ulcer on his eye and we returned to the vets to get Mari painkillers as he was in so much pain. A week later when the ulcer had subsided somewhat the vets realized that a foreign body had been in Mari’s eye for months and an ulcer had formed over it. Poor Mari has been in unimaginable pain but with the foreign body removed he is making a good recovery. Because he has had a weepy eye he has developed an adorable little quirk where he wipes both his eyes if you hold a tissue to his face.  

Mari is not aggressive to other cats, male or female, however, he does need to be neutered as he does caterwaul a little currently. 

Mari really has been through a terrible time and is now being looked after in Sarafovo. He is a lovely sociable cat that loves to play affectionately and loves stretching out on his back and being stroked. 

We really think Mari is a special cat – it’s rare to find a cat as loving as Mari. It’s not a cuddle once a day with Mari he just adores people. He made so many friends at the local shop in Sarafovo that many have asked after his welfare. If any cat deserves a furrever home it’s Mari. He will definitely show you his immense gratitude.   


Currently, we are still putting ointment in his eye daily but the vet has said that now the foreign body is out of his eye he will make a good recovery. We doubt he has any vision in his bad eye currently but can update you in due course. 

Once neutered Mari will be pretty much the most perfect loving cat you could wish for. Viewings are welcomed in Sarafovo just next to the Atlantis hotel. Contact us by Facebook message, fill out the contact form or drop an email to or Facebook message –

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