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Spread the lovePLANNING ON DOING SOME ROOM MAKE OVER FOR YOUR KITTY? HERE ARE SOME BRILLIANT IDEAS TO MAKE IT HAPPEN Your all-time fluffy pal must be part of your family. He or she complements

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Your all-time fluffy pal must be part of your family. He or she complements it. That means that they have the autonomy to go into any room they wish and even take a siesta if needed, but there are those occasions when they just feel more comfortable in their own rooms.

If you are that type of individual who believe that cats should have their own privacy, a place for kitties and pups to call their own and you have devoted or intend to create an entire room for your feline family, then I sure feel this blog is timely.  So, be my guest.

Some awesome pet rooms

If it is your first time to put up a pet room in your house, the whole searching task can be a daunting affair primarily if you are unsure of your kitty’s expectations. A pet room offers a sanctuary for your older four-legged pal who may need more rest—so you can shout and higher your music without disturbing them.

Depending on how organized you want to be, a pet room allows you to keep your cat’s stuff all in one place; bed, toy basket, food storage, meds, and hooks for leashes. In simpler terms, a pet room accommodates all their needs.

Your pet’s room does not need to be too big. You can curve a small just enough for your pet’s needs. Make sure there is a play area. To give you’re a more vivid idea, we rounded up some of the coolest pet -dedicated spaces that have popped up since last year so that you can have an idea.


Let your fluffy friend know that he is part of the family by creating a comfy office room for him.


There will always be that perfect position for your pet, you only need to be creative and open to ideas.

This Dog Mom Turned Her Spare Closet into an Adorable Bedroom for Her Pooch. You can turn yours into a beautiful cat room.

From the images, there is no limitation on the amount of space needed or specific design of how your cat’s room should look like. You can go ahead and put up a shower, wardrobe, decorative wall hangings and a cool, comfortable bed for your cat based on your décor taste as well as your budget. We shall look at how to make some of these cool pet room stuff in future articles and show you where to pick some of the best items for your cat room. However, for this article, we shall discuss some cool ways of making a bed (probably the most essential furniture in your cat room) at home.

Check out some beautiful DIY beds from IKEA

How to make a cat bed using a recycled drawer

Like we mentioned earlier, beds alongside litterboxes are some of the essentials that you should pay utmost attention to. A cat bed isn’t one to struggle making since it is pretty smaller than that of a dog. So, if you suspect that your kitty maybe far bigger than your drawer size, it would be prudent that you look for a sizeable drawer they can fit in properly. You want to ensure that your cat is as comfortable as you are when you snuggle at night. The rule of the thumb is that the drawer should fit your normal bed sized pillow, which in this case will act as your mattress.

From here, you can choose to paint your drawer or use some decorations to make it look more of a cat bed than a basic drawer stuffed with a pillow.  You can choose to add some legs on the drawer to raise it and paint it the color of your pet’s room. So, there isn’t much of a magic to it, but if you want to further customize it, check Domestically Speaking’s guide. They have a nice guide to help you through.

How to make a cat bed with this simple DIY guide

This bed is easy to build, a process that can take less than a day depending on your speed. With a few basic tools and supplies, the method is quite budget-friendly which could cost you less than $30 including the cushion. The bed can be customized for any sized cat or even a dog, but in our case, we are making a bed for a kitty.

This DIY project is divided into two. You can find the wooden structure guide from the Prodigal Pieces to learn how to make the bed.


• Yard of about 50” wide fabric

• 4-4×12” strips for ties

• A white thread

• 2 basic bed pillows

• Fabric paint

• Masking tape


• Tape measure

• Sewing scissors

• Round foam brush

• Sewing pins

• Sewing machine

• Iron

• Ironing board

Step 1

Select your piece of fabric, even a cotton twill can work out excellently. Launder your fabric to get it prepped for use. Once prepped, fold it twice in 36”. Then iron the folds down to hold them in place. Then now use your sewing pins to organize your stitching and stitch around

Step 2

Create your ties by folding the short edges down and ironing them. Fold each long edge in to the center and iron, fold each folded long edge inwards towards the center and iron. Then pin and stitch.

Step 3

After creating the two ties, the next part is attaching them to the pillow case. Line the bottom of the folded inside edge of the pillow with the unfinished edge and pin to secure. Make a box stitch to attach them to the pillow case.

Step 4

Now you will need to fold the bag in half with the right sides facing. Pin and sew a ½ seam up the sides.

Step 5

Use your fabric paint with a textile medium to make it washable and the masking tape to make one or two faux grain sack stripes.

Step 6

Lastly stuff the two pillows and your bed is done. Note that you can use one pillow depending on your measurements. You may want a smaller bed for your cat or this bouncy mega for him to enjoy even when with company. The choice is solely yours.

How to make a cat bed from an old sweater

Cat beds can be pricey, but not when your creativity is a top notch. So instead of hitting the shops and picking out whatever bed they have, treat your feline by making something unique for them and it can be as cheap as just re-using your old sweater.

This guide will require very few materials;

• Yarn needle

• Yarn

• Quilt batting

• Round or square pillow

• An extra-large cable knit sweater

• Sewing machine

Step 1

Begin by flipping your sweater inside out, and drawing across the top from the shoulder to the other shoulder. Make sure you leave a half inch when trimming. Draw your line half inch just below the front neckline and another line from armpit to armpit.

Step 2

Pin the chalk lines and sew them with the sewing machine

Step 3

Leaving the half inch, trim off the excess along the top of the sweater. Also, body’s sweater off while leaving a half inch.

Step 4

Turn the tube right -side out and stuff with the batting or fill. Cut in half lengthwise and roll every section tightly. Stuff the batting rolls in the tubes to meet in the middle.

Step 5

Insert one of the sleeves into the other to ensure that the tubes form a ring then pin the tube closed. Using your yarn and needle, stitch the edge of the cuff onto the other cuff.

Step 6

Flip the body section of your sweater inside out. Then insert the pillow from one side of the seams and pin along the edges. Remove the pillow and sew along the pins, also sew the other bottom, and top sections while leaving the gap for the pillow.

Step 7

Once the three-side  are sewed, flip the sweater, and insert the pillow. Stitch the section you used to insert the pillow using the yarn and needle

Step 8

Lastly put the ring section around the pillow and stitch them tightly together along the bottom edge using the yarn and needle. Flip over and there you have a cozy little bed for your four-legged friend.

Cat beds

If you are shopping then choose from some of these top picks.

The Refined Feline Kitty Ball Cat Bed

This redefined feline kitty ball cat bed takes the pet furniture on another whole new level. If you are that stylish individual with a taste for unique items. Chewy and Amazon will make you smile. Your kitty will enjoy a comfy handwoven bed that is relatively raised to make it look like a nest while blending naturally with your home furniture as well as your kitty.

K&H Pet Products Thermo-Kitty Deluxe Hooded Cat Bed

The leopard Thermo-kitty bed from Chewy& Amazon is just a perfect piece for your pet room. It is perfectly designed to ensure that your feline pal is warm and breathes in fresh air. We liked its fancy and accommodative nature.

Snoozer Luxury Overstuffed Microsuede Pet Sofa

If your cat is the resting type, get him or her this cool Snoozer Pet Products Luxury Overstuffed Dog & Cat Sofa from both Chewy and Amazon. Let him get cozy for a movie night in this warm sofa-like bed. What we found special about this cat bed, is that it is available in almost all colors, so you don’t worry about where to keep it.

TwinCritters Handcrafted Wool Cat Cave, Slate Gray

Give your cat a cozy hideaway and play bed from Chewy. This nicely designed bed from New Zealand merino wool will keep him warm and cool during the summer and winter respectively. It would be the perfect place to lay on after a long busy day. We liked the idea of taking very little space, while still offering your feline friend a sanctuary.

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