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Never Mind About Julian Assange – How’s his Mistreated Cat?


Now many will tell you that Assange is a brilliant mastermind, a computer programmer and hacker of the highest order. And he clearly knows a thing or two about negotiating the Law, whether it be UK, Norwegian, US or Ecuadorian.

However, those of us with lesser skills, could not fail to see the glaring HOLES in Assange’s skills, thought process, and behavior.

Most of us have the simple ability, whether it be acquired ourselves or nurtured in childhood, in that we know how to be a decent house guest.

And the vast majority of us also have the decency, moral fiber and desire to look after our pets.

Assange has neither of these very basic qualities. Nor has he any shame, it appears.

To irritate, abuse and complain to the only people helping you – is sheer stupidity on a vast scale.

It was these very things and more, that led to Assange being unceremoniously dragged from the Embassy last week, needlessly looking like he’d been camping out in the woods for seven years.

Some will stick by Assange. He is after all innocent before COMPLETELY being proven guilty in at least the US military secrets hack with accomplice MANNING.

But many are sick of Assange and instead are asking. WHERE’S HIS MISTREATED CAT?

Wiki Leaks provided this apparent shot of the cat at the time of Assange’s arrest.

Well, the Ecuadorian’s have tried their best with their vile and unwanted house guest. But the list of complaints reads like medical notes from the secure unit of a psychiatric hospital.

Assange has been incapable of cleaning up after himself but that’s nothing – He been smearing feces around!

Assange also expected diplomatic and office staff to look after his cat too!

Are you kidding me?

Perhaps, Assange had entered into a state of delusion and thought he’d entered a top London hotel. But conversely, they charge and don’t offer protection from an array of international governments.

So when normal people have been asked to improve their behavior. Often with a huge level of shame and remorse, they buck their ideas up and do so.

What did Assange do?

Take Ecuador to court for infringing his human rights by asking him to take proper care of his own cat.

And having to clean his own bedroom. It’s just as well the average eight year old can’t hire a human rights lawyer!

The Ecuadorians it appears tired of this infantile and ungrateful behavior. And, the good news for cat fans is that James, Castro or the Embassy Cat is long gone.

Beleaguered staff had threatened to take the cat to one of London’s excellent animal shelters should Assange continue not caring adequately for it.

Wikileaks has confirmed the cat left the embassy in October, last year.

They also confirm that the two will be reunited in freedom. But considering Assange’s legal problems that may not happen. And since it’s probably not in the cat’s best interests. Let’s hope it doesn’t.


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