How Daisy Mae Found My Family And I

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Spread the loveHello and Welcome, my name is Crystal and my cat’s name is Daisy Mae. I would like to invite you all to stop over at CRYSTAL AND DAISY MAE’S PHOTO-BLOGGING SITE and look around

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Hello and Welcome, my name is Crystal and my cat’s name is Daisy Mae. I would like to invite you all to stop over at CRYSTAL AND DAISY MAE’S PHOTO-BLOGGING SITE and look around and do some reading. If you like my site I hope you follow too.

I would like to share a true story about a cat I rescued who my nieces and nephew named Daisy Mae. Now first, I would like you all to understand I still had my other rescue cat when Daisy Mae found my family and I. My other rescue cat was a Striped Tabby who I rescued from a friend because she just had to many animals and the stories  she told me I knew I had to do something. Tigger was a senior cat and when senior cats go to shelters well they very rarely get adopted or rescued. In fact, worst case senerio would be a senior cat would be at a shelter and it wasn’t a no kill shelter, they could be killed.


Now my family and I still had our senior cat Tigger when Daisy Mae found us. I laugh and smile every time I think of what my father said. I’m not letting another animal in the house unless “pigs fly”. Now the chances of pigs flying are two, slim and none. The night Daisy Mae found my family and I, I was working. My parents were on the way out to garage when they thought they heard a noise. They went to check things out and they found a dear little kitten meowing at the top of its lungs. Since they were picking me up, they knew they had to get going. On the way home from work that evening, they told me about the kitten meowing at the top of its lungs.We were finally home and Mom said, see if you can hear something meowing. I could and went to check it out and there I found this dear little kitten. She was very dark charcoal with a white chin chopper and white feet. She had some white intermixed with the very dark charcoal color but not much. Now we knew Tigger wasn’t getting any younger but we wanted to help this kitten. So what did we do? We took this kitten in. 

We had a good size cage with holes in the side and since it was September, we had put a covering over the cage to keep her warm. So when we went to bed that night, we expected to get a good nights sleep without any distractions. However, that is not how it happened. In fact, Daisy Mae was so tiny she fit through the holes in the side of the cage and ran right up the stairs to the bedrooms. She was so tiny she fit in the palm of my Dad’s hand. The next thing we did was separate both cats by locking the Dining Room door and puting up a screen door so that meant Tigger had half the downstairs to stay in and Daisy Mae stayed in the other half. We estimate that Daisy Mae was around 4 weeks old she found my family and I. About 2 days later, Daisy Mae’s Mom came around to check and see if her baby got a good forever home and Mother cat kept coming around until she was certain and then when she was certain she stopped coming around and we never saw her again. So “Pigs Flew” that night went he agreed to take her in.

Now as a kitten, Daisy Mae went through her 9 lives real fast. Daisy Mae was a very curious kitten and she had to be “saved” many, many times. she very playful too and liked to jump. She would jump up on the washer/dryer then jump up on top of the inner door but the funny part was, she wouldn’t jump down. Once we took our screen door down and unlocked the Dining Room door and introduced both cats to each other which went rather smoothly with just a little hissing. It was rather interesting to see both cats introduced to each other for the very first time. Tigger our Tabby cat did some hissing at Daisy Mae but surprisingly Daisy Mae never hissed at Tigger once. It was so much fun to watch both cats together. You see when Dad, Mom or I would play Pole with Daisy Mae Tigger would run in and want to play Pole too. Now for those of you who don’t know what I mean by playing Pole with my cat it’s when you take a piece of stringthat’s attached to a pole and sometimes has a feather at the end of it. Daisy Mae actually helped our senior cat Tigger mellow some. 

After a  few years passed, Tigger wasn’t playing anymore. In fact, we knew something wasn’t right because she stopped eating, playing and just layed in one place most of the time. It was obvious she was suffering. The night before she died, she somehow made it to the basement and went down the stairs to her litter box. That’s where she died. The very next morning, I came down for Breakfast and had said to my Mother what is Dad doing with the shovel outside. I’m not a Morning person so I was not completely awake nor had I had my tea which was my caffeine for the Morning so I wasn’t thinking yet. That’s when Mom told me the sad news. Tigger had died that Morning. Since Tigger was my cat, Mom and Dad did everything they could think of to cheer me up that day. The day she died  was Sept. 11, 2015. The up side was we still had Daisy Mae.   

Since Daisy Mae and Tigger played together alot, Daisy went crazy after Tigger died. In fact, she refused to go to the basement which is where Tigger died. It is said each cat deals with grief in their own way. I’m happy to say that once she dealt with the grief of Tigger(which she probably considered a sister) since she met her when she was just a kitten, she’s been going down to the basement for a long time now.

Now when you name your cat, everyone goes about it in a different way. I know some people that if they have children and they want to include the kids, they get them involved by throughing out ideas for names. Some other parents brainstorm and make a list of names their kids can choose from so there are no crazy names or you can do what my parents and I decided and that is to take a leap of faith and just let the nieces and nephew name the kitten. We were having my nephew’s 4th Birthday party when we asked them to name the kitten. Now all three children were young so some crazy name was possible to come up but surprisingly they all decided on Daisy with no help from the adults either. 

Daisy Mae continued to play and exercise through her kittenhood and today she is 12 and will be 13 on Sept.12. Daisy Mae plays every-now-and-then sleeps all Afternoon in one of her favorite spots. She gets some exercise by making the circle quite a few times. On Wednesday, April 3, 2019, she jumped up on our countertop to get at the cat grass we grew to give to her. Normally we would have called her a naughty, naughty cat but since she hadn’t jumped up there since she was a kitten so instead of scolding her we got a good laugh instead. We put the cat grass down so she could get at it. Daisy Mae likes to play with toys rolled in catnip. She really likes the small balls with knitting surrounding the balls but not real small balls.


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