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Free Cat Food! Taste Testers Required for Cat Food – We’re looking for guest cats to try out cat food for cats with diabetes and other health conditions 

What’s the Best Cat food for cats with diabetes, kidney disease and more…

Does your pussy have a health condition? We are looking for pussy cats to try out all kinds of cat food. I’m tired of bland write ups. I want to hear from real pet guardians who have real cats with health problems and what works for them.

Tell us a little bit about your pet kitty and the health condition he or she has. Then tell us what food works and what doesn’t, etc. If you’ve any tips or products that have helped you and your kitty and would like to pass on in the hope it can help others, we want to know about those too.

Free Cat Food

You don’t have to write a word, we can chat on the phone. If you would like to write though, by all means, we’d love you to!

Take pictures and videos so we can see your beautiful puss.

Subscribe, fill out the contact form or email me so we can chat! If you have friends with kitties that have a health condition you think might like to feature, then please share the post.

Take a look at the list below and if you think you’d like your cat to feature, then get in touch.

We’ll send you free cat food to try out and your cat will be featured on the new blog.

  • Best Cat food for cats with diabetes
  • Best Cat food for allergies
  • Best Cat food for kidney disease
  • Best Cat foods for urinary crystals
  • Best Cat food for shedding
  • Best Cat food for sensitive stomachs
  • Best Cat food for kittens with allergies
  • Best Cat food  for constipation
  • Best Cat food for cats after an operation
  • Best Cat food for diarrhea
  • Best Cat food for IBS
  • Best Cat food for digestive problems
  • Best Cat food for skin allergies
  • Best Cat food for hyperthyroidism
  • Best Cat food for hairball control
  • Best Cat food for vomiting
  • Best Cat food for Kittens
  • Best Cat food for Bengal cats
  • Best Cat food for overweight cats
  • Best Cat food for indoor cats

I look forward to hearing from you. Please fill out the contact form or email me at And please share this post with others you think might be interested. 

Thanks, Olivia

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