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Deluxe Toys Package With Tunnel Review By Daisy Mae

A Surprise Package In The Mail

A few weeks ago I got this surprise package in the mail from my friend. When I opened it I found in the box a package of Deluxe Toys With a Tunnel inside. When I opened the box from Amazon Prime and set the tunnel up for my cat Daisy Mae and even put toys in it to entice her.

What Did Daisy Mae Think Of The Tunnel And The Toys?

Daisy Mae being a senior cat and almost 13, I wasn’t sure how the tunnel and toys would be received but to my surprise she played with the tunnel and the toys. She really had a lot of fun. She even has a favorite toy which is a pole you throw to her and she has fun going after it.  In fact, I got some pictures of her going after her pole. She also likes to hide in what my family and I like to call the “bushes”. Some Pictures showing Daisy Mae playing with her favorite toy.

In the picture below Daisy Mae is hiding in the “bushes”. To see Daisy Mae in this picture look under the rocker. Her eyes are bright so look for that. The cat on the rocker isn’t real. It’s a realistic looking cat pillow that my sister got my family and I when our rescue cat Striped Tabby Cat died on 9-11-2015. The cat pillow looks very much like cat Tigger did.

What Is My Rating VS. Daisy Mae’s Rating?

My rating for the Deluxe Toys Package is based on How much I liked the set, How much Daisy Mae played with the toys and if she had a favorite toy. I give this Deluxe Toys Package from Amazon Prime 5 stars or 👍👍👍👍👍.

Daisy Mae rates it 🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾. She rated 5 paws only because she found a favorite toy.

Even though Daisy Mae tried all the toys and found that she liked the soft toys best. Most of all, she really likes the pole.

What did Daisy Mae Do With All The Toys?

Daisy Mae not being a greedy cat she wanted to share her toys after she was done playing with them so she gave my sister’s cat Rascal some toys and the toys Rascal didn’t take well… they went to a woman who fosters kitten until they get adopted. 

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