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    Never Mind About Julian Assange – How’s his Mistreated Cat?

    Now many will tell you that Assange is a brilliant mastermind, a computer programmer and hacker of the highest order. And he clearly knows a thing or two about negotiating the Law, whether it be UK, Norwegian, US or Ecuadorian. However, those of us with lesser skills, could not fail to see the glaring HOLES in Assange’s skills, thought process, and behavior. Most of us have the simple ability, whether it be acquired ourselves or nurtured in childhood, in that we know how to be a decent house guest. And the vast majority of us also have the decency, moral fiber and desire to look after our pets. Assange has…

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    Meowzers it’s cold! Cat found frozen survives!

    Wow, take a look at poor Fluffy in the state her pet parents found her. (Fluffy when she was found) Poor Fluffy decided to venture out in the freezing cold and snow. But while long hair can help a cat keep warm in cold temperature, poor Fluffy soon became one big snowball. Fluffy was certainly less than her fluffy self, in fact, she was unresponsive. And staff at the Kalispell Animal clinic, where Fluffy was rushed couldn’t even get her temperature to register on their thermometers. The snow and ice had penetrated Fluffy’s fur and it took staff hours working on her to raise her temperature. And what did they…