Cat Walkies – Why you should start walking your cat today

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Spread the loveCat Walkies – Why you should start walking your cat today Well, we’ve talked about cats going outdoors and keeping them indoors. I still think letting a cat out on its own poses

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Cat Walkies – Why you should start walking your cat today

Well, we’ve talked about cats going outdoors and keeping them indoors. I still think letting a cat out on its own poses similar risks to allowing a 3 year old child. For me, after growing so fond of the stray cats here that I then find run over, I can’t handle the possible consequences of allowing my cats to run free.

Now, currently I am renting a property short term, so it’s difficult to start building a catio which is another great option for allowing your cats to get some fresh air. Granted they can’t go far but fresh air is fresh air, nevertheless.

But if you can get your cat accustomed to a harness then she can explore in safety. Once again she can’t run off where she wants, but that’s the idea. Because then she won’t get runover. So it’s a very good compromise as far as I’m concerned.

The Benefits of getting your cat accustomed to a harness and leash

Now, we are currently talking about relocating and it’s going to involve a long haul flight. So my partner says to me, “Well what if one of them poops in there while we are on the flight?”

Well I didn’t have an answer and he was expecting one. And I was pretty much, looks like we all grin and bear it. You can’t possibly allow your cat to escape on a flight. But if your cat is in there wearing a harness and leash then getting the cat out for a few minutes presents far less of a problem.

If you can get your cat on a harness while its in a carrier you have a second line of defence if a horror story happens and your cat breaks free.

You will also have better control of your cat.

The Benefits of Walking your cat

Now it has to be said that the jury is out on walking cats. The RSPCA is the largest animal charity in the UK that works alongside the police and judicial system to prosecute animal cruelty cases. They have issued advice saying that cats should not be walked. However, many animal behaviourists disagree and say walking is great for a cat’s physical and mental health.

So my advice is if your cat likes walking outside then do it. And if not, then don’t. Obviously it’s unlikely your cat will take to it like a duck to water. But hey, neither is it necessarily easy to get some dogs to walk well on a leash.

What I will say is regardless of whether you think walking your cat is going to be enriching for her, it seems to make sense to get your cat used to a harness and leash. Just like it’s essential you get your cat used to the carrier.

That way you won’t end up having to sedate and grapple with your cat. Like I did with Biden on his last visit to the vet.

Whether you are moving house, relocating abroad, going to the vet, or taking your cat to the boarders then not only being able to get your cat in a harness is a sound idea but also gives you more confidence that you can handle your cat safely.

So how so you get a cat in a harness?

Sounds almost like a one-liner but it could certainly be easier said than done. Well, if you get the chance start young with this adorably cute kitten showing us how it’s done.

Kind of.

Now a cat.

I am keeping this advice to video content as it is better seen than described I’m sure you’ll agree.

However, if you think a harness is going to be too much effort you could attach a leash to a collar that your cat wears permanently. You can then encourage your cat to explore a SECURE garden. Your cat could still wriggle out of a collar so it’s not a 100% secure option like a harness.

In the harness, now what?

Well you take your cat for a walk. And there are techniques and tips in the following videos.

And you could be lucky enough to be able to go on all kinds of adventures with your cat. It’s certainly a thing that you get with a dog, you can go and explore life with them and perhaps sit and enjoy a meal in a pet-friendly restaurant. And I do miss that with cats. So there are definitely rewards to walking your cat. Check out this adventure cat!

However, for the most part, some cats will love the experience but some won’t and for them it’s not going to be an enriching experience so if you have tried it a few times and yourekitty is not a fan then it’s probably best to leave it. In terms, of dogs they fell able to explore the world on their own terms.

However, cats are not able to do so in the same manner. Cats are prey for other animals and they are therefore, continually nervous and waiting and preparing for an unwanted attack. A cat can smell other animals from up to a mile away. If all the smells of other animals freaks your cat out it’s understandable. It’s common for dog to maul cats so your cat is not paranoid if it’s on guard.

And of course, some cats just won’t walk!

But if you have decided to give cat walking a go, it’s super easy to pick some Cool harnesses and leads up. Here are a few of our top picks!

Best Harness for Cats

We take a look at the best harness for cats, from large cat harnesses to budget choices.

Best Budget Harness

Here’s a great offering from Chewy and at $5.99 it ticks all the boxes in terms of an easy-to-use, safe, secure and comfortable harness. It has to be one of the best harnesses for cats and is a top choice.

Cutest Harness

This little harness is just perfect to show off just how purr- fect your cat is. The great thing about cat harnesses is that you can shop for under $20 and there’s a huge selection.

Purrfect for Boys

Take a look at this smart little harness for taking your boy kitty out. It has larger sizes for tom cats and larger breeds. And it is still a great price from Amazon.

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