Cat Rescue – Update on Mari

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Read about this adorable Bulgarian cat left outside a shop with a foreign body stuck in his eye

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Bulgarian Cat Rescue – Mari is looking for a furrever home after suffering severe neglect.

Well, it’s good news and bad news, I’m afraid. 

If you have been following Mari’s story- he was dumped outside a shop in Sarafovo, near Burgas, Bulgaria. 

At the time of being left out on the streets, his owner came to see him regularly and feed him. I don’t want to be judgmental because people can be difficult and they often complain about animals. 

It is highly likely that Mari was caterwauling and his owner either personally, could not stand the noise or perhaps her neighbors complained and she may have been threatened with eviction. 

Whatever the circumstances, Mari was left outside the shop with a bad eye. I spoke to the young lady who said that Mari liked it outside and that she had got antibiotics for his eye. 

I saw her feeding him freshly cooked fish and with lipstick on his face from kisses so I have no doubt that Mari was loved by his owner. 

For months, I would go into the shop and past the shop, daily. I would feed him and he would sit on my lap for cuddles. His eye seemed okay sometimes and not okay a lot of the time. But there was little to be done as technically and maybe even legally he was not a stray cat. 

Around 2 months ago I found Mari laying flat out on the street in the baking Bulgarian sun. He was thin, exhausted and his eye was a mess. He looked like he had been in a fight but he hadn’t. His eye was in a terrible state. 

At this point, I had had enough of doing nothing. I marched into the shop and asked the shop owner what was going on with Mari’s owner. She had left for a job in Sunny Beach. I was livid that he had been left in this way. I ran home fetched a cat carrier and with not much coaxing put a tired and wretched Mari in the cat carrier. 

As you will know if you followed his story, Mari had developed a deep and painful ulcer due to having a foreign body that looked like a quarter-inch twig in his eye. 

Having successfully removed the twig, we hoped that Mari’s problems would be over. We continued with his ointment and drops for weeks but alas the infection returned. 

I can’t begin to explain enough the pain I have witnessed this cat endure. Imagine having a twig in your eye for MONTHS. 

Mari sleeping after surgery

The bad news is that the eye has had to be removed. But the good news is that Mari is recovering well and adjusting to life as a one-eyed cat. He’s also been castrated, and he’s due to have his stitches removed shortly. 

I know that if you’re reading this there is little chance you could realistically adopt him but can you please share this post? 

Regardless of the dangers of some social media uses, in terms of pet rescue – social shares are literally a lifeline that connects pets like Mari to their furrever homes. 

Mari absolutely adores me and sleeps on my pillow next to my head. We hope that Mari is close to being PAIN-FREE, finally after the agony of his condition, treatment, and surgery. 

Mari’s treatment was kindly paid for by Bulgarian Stray Cats Rescue & Rehabilitation Centre where you can also find details about Mari or make a donation.  

Thanks for reading. We’d love to hear your comments about this lovely cat. If you feel you can offer Mari the loving home, he deserves please make inquires to either myself at Miss Pet Paws by leaving a comment and I’ll private message you back. Alternatively, contact the Bulgarian Cat Rescue Rehabilitation Centre.

Love Miss Pet Paws.  

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