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Cat Rescue The Ups and Downs- Kitty No 1

Cat rescuing is a hard business, and it often comes with so much heartbreak that sometimes you have to take a step back while your heart mends.

Fortunately,  time is a healer – and when the time is right, you can get back in the proverbial saddle and start again.

When I came to Bulgaria around 18 months ago, I knew nothing of cats and was of the opinion that they were the ungrateful smaller bitey, scratchy lessers to dogs. But whether it’s a homeless person, dog or cat – my heart is moved by the needy and I try to do a little even though I know for the most part it doesn’t come close to enough.

So in the last eighteen months I have fed countless dogs and cats, and for the purposes of this blog – which is essentially a kitty cat blog (but hey, I am happy to tell all about doggies too, should my readers want to hear) I shall stick to the story in hand, which is cat rescue.

We have had 2 successes and some stark failures. In an upcoming blog I will be getting advice from some cat rescue experts on what the best thing to do is for stray cats.

For now, I will start with our failures and successes, and for the avoidance of confusion – I’ll just go with chronological order and start from the beginning as it happened…

This is kitty number 1. He was saved by us in Sunny Beach, in May 2017; a totally starved kitten that was half-blind. He appeared to be doing well but a few days after we took him in, he began struggling to eat. By the time we got him to the vet he had slipped into a coma and the vet helped him on his way to Rainbow Bridge. It hurt like hell and I said we were done saving kitties for a while. Which we were. Even though we’d only had him for 5 days the tears wouldn’t stop for a day or so and I just felt I couldn’t handle it again. 

But like I say, time marches on and the need in Bulgaria is huge with a huge number of cats and dogs out on the streets. Virtually everywhere you go, you’ll see kitties that don’t have a home. The winters are mercilessly cold and it was a freezing cold February when Kinsey came in to our lives. Which I’ll tell you about in Cat Rescue – Kitty no. 2.

Thanks for reading.

See you in the next installment.







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