Cat Cafe

Welcome to the Miss Pet Paws virtual cat cafe. 

At Miss Pet Paws we LOVE Cat Cafes  – It’s just putting two of life’s best things together. 

On this page you’ll find information about some of the best Cat Cafes around the globe.

But the whole idea of Miss Pet Paws is to provide cat lovers with a coffee-time read. So why not choose to make one of the drinks or cakes from the virtual Cat Cafe, sit back with your favorite cat and enjoy reading all about feline fur babies or purr-using the Miss Pet Paws Shop. 



Top 9 Coffees to indulge in at home
Make the ultimate Mississipi Mud Pie at home
Cappuccino Perfection at Home 
My favorite – Bakewell Tart 
Caramel Frappe, Strawberries n Cream Milkshake, The Ultimate Chocolate Cream Cake and more
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