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Being a cat lover is fun, beautiful and interesting, our cute fluffy feline friends are loving, and full of affection, but the best part is that it comes with well proven amazing health benefits.

      So having a cat at home is a sweet and enriching experience, and those amazing health benefits are.

1.       Therapeutic effects.

There is a sweet and calming effect that comes from being a proud owner of these cute felines, this soothing effect causes the discharge of a hormone called oxytocin, this hormone produces a feeling of trust and love.

  So it is highly recommended for people going through stress or emotional trouble to own one of this cute fluffy feline, and you will be amazed at the degree of happiness they bring.

2.       Helps in boosting immunity.

It is has been proven that contact with pet dander and even cat furs helps to improve resistance to allergens, and reduces the danger of having asthma and other allergies.

3.       Overall well-being.

It has been proven that cat owners experience better well-being when compared with people than don’t have cats, and this was associated with a feeling confidence, happiness and calm that cat owners experience often.

4.       Reduces heart attacks and heart disease.

   Studies have shown that cat owners have a reduce risk of experiencing heart disease as compared to non cat owners.

Non cat owner have 30-40% risk of heart attacks compared to cat owners.

5.       Reduced blood pressure.

The soothing effects experience by cat owners helps in reducing blood pressure levels. There is a feeling joy and companionship experienced by cat owners when they communicate with their cats that greatly reduces blood pressure levels.

6.       Cat purring has healing effects.

The cute purring of cats has a comforting effect, though purring is one the ways cat show that they are happy, but that purring sound has an amazing therapeutic effect that is capable of healing bones, tendons and muscles in the human body.

The vibrations that are created when a cat purrs have been proven to have therapeutic effect on joint pain.

7.       Sweet and better sleep.

      The sweet and calming effect of having your cute fluffy feline friend cuddled around you helps in enjoying a sweet and better sleep.

8.       Improves your sociability.

     Owning a cat is a sure conversation starter. People will want and say hello because of your cute cat.

   Men that own cats are highly attractive to women, because cat ownership is highly associated with intelligence and kindliness.

9.       Cats are amazing companions.

      The feeling of love and compassion experienced by cat owners helps to reduce boredom and loneliness.

      The bond between a cat owner and the cat is an amazing companionship that eliminates loneliness.

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