The Shocking Truth Of Kitty’s Carbon Pawprint – What is the Best Kitty Litter for the Sustainable Cat?

Well, when it comes to ridiculous statistics, there’s pretty much a formula. And if you leave one bored writer in a room with a calculator, the internet and a point to prove, on average he or she will come up with a mind-boggling statistic within the space of five minutes or fewer. Chances are it Continue Reading

Cat Rescue

We support Rescue Me – a global network supporting animals in Bulgaria and countries all over the world including the US. If you can help a cat in Bulgaria either by adoption or donating please click on the links in the page. Check out Bulgarian cats including Mango currently in need of rescuing. Domestic Cat Age: Young Kitten Sex: Male This beautiful Continue Reading

Free Cat Food! Taste Testers Required for Cat Food – We’re looking for guest cats to try out cat food for cats with diabetes and other health conditions 

What’s the Best Cat food for cats with diabetes, kidney disease and more… Does your pussy have a health condition? We are looking for pussy cats to try out all kinds of cat food. I’m tired of bland write ups. I want to hear from real pet guardians who have real cats with health problems Continue Reading