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As a pet lover we all wish we could do a little more to help animals. It’s just not possible to donate money to animal charities all the time or adopt them. But here are some cool ways you can help animals in shelters and benefit yourself at the same time. Some ways just take seconds by clicking a button. So check them out and see how you can help today.


Do you know what the best thing to do is if your cat is injured by being in a fight with another cat, is stung by an insect, gets an electric shock or is involved in a road accident? Learning first aid for cats could save your cat or another cat’s life! Download this free guide from the Blue Cross and you’ll feel more confident as a pet parent that you know the basics of what to do in an emergency.




It’s rare to call up a local animal shelter to volunteer your services and have then turned down. Local animal shelters usually have some paid worker who undertake the necessary daily needs of the animals including feeding and cleaning. But with so many animals ending up in shelters, most shelters are extremely busy and could do with some help. You could offer to help in a number of ways.

Offer to walk the dogs that staff don’t have the time to do. If you undertake the daily duties of what the paid staff, you’ll be learning loads as well as helping. If you are aiming for a career in animal care, then it will be a very helpful addition to your CV when applying for courses or work. American readers can check out the ASPCA for volunteer opportunities and UK readers can get involved with the RSPCA.

Perhaps you have skills in other areas that the animal shelter can make use of such as working in the office. You could help out by updating their website or managing their social media and fundraising activities. Once again you’ll be helping not just the animals, but the people that work so hard to help them. And if applicable it could boost your career. It will certainly give you that feel good glow and increase your self esteem.    


Update your Amazon Account today and start donating. We all make Amazon purchases and you can donate every time you make a purchase. Amazon will donate 0.5% of the total sale price which can be quite considerable if you do a lot of shopping at Amazon. Sign into your smile Amazon account and you’ll see Accounts and Lists at the top right-hand side of your page. Choose ‘Amazon Smile Charity Lists’ under the lists section and browse a huge number of cat and pet charities. You can pick a well-known national or global charity or hunt down a local animal shelter close to you that will be super grateful for your donation.



Did you know there are tons of benefits of taking on a craft project aside from it being fun? When you take on a project, you explore your creativity and improve your motor and coordination skills as well as your problem-solving skills. It’s a major outlet for stress and when you have finished your project, you’ll feel great and it’s a boost to your self esteem. Check out loads of ideas from cat houses, beds, hammocks to toys and get inspired. It’s super easy to make a bunch of little mouse toys and you can use materials from old clothes to make them. Donate then to a local animal shelter and feel even better about yourself as well as delighting lots of kitties while they wait for a furrever home.  




Animal shelters would always prefer to have animals fostered in a home rather than having to stay in an unnatural environment in a shelter. If you are able, consider fostering a pet. If animals, in particular, dogs stay for too long in a shelter environment they can develop behavioral problems thus lowering their chances of a furrever home.

Fostering is a truly special way to care and exceptionally rewarding. The shelter will often pay for any expenses including the food for a fostered animal and in doing so you are opening up a space in the shelter for another needy animal.

Fostering a pet is sometimes a lifeline when a woman is fleeing from domestic violence. The only option until she finds new housing is to have her pet fostered. Leaving a violent situation and considering having to give up pets in the process is heartbreaking when often the pet has been a source of comfort and may have suffered violence too.

Providing a safe and calm environment for the pet and then reuniting the pet with a woman that has suffered in this way is exceptionally rewarding. If you’re in the UK and you are in need of this service, I would urge you to seek help at the escape/hide Refuge. If you can get involved and help foster, then please do so by using the same link. The service is free and run by Dogs Trust Freedom Project. For readers in other parts of the world please seek out local and national help urgently if you need it.



It costs nothing to share a post about an animal in a shelter that needs a home, so please click and share. Social media has been and continues to be crucial for animal welfare charities. Your share just might be the crucial link that helps an animal find a furrever home. The more people that see the post the more chance it will be of being successful.

In particular if you see a post in your feed about a lost pet, please, please, please share the link. Also regularly check your garage and sheds and lock them so they are secure. If you hear about a local cat that is missing then check around. Cats are curious and can crawl into a garage and then become locked in, so do check. You could be able to reunite a pet parent with their cat like in the case of Wispa who was found in a neighbors garage after 20 days.



Don’t stay quiet if you suspect an animal is being abused. Cats and dogs need your help if they are being abused. Learn about animal cruelty and report it. It’s important to not put yourself in danger if you suspect abuse, you can make an anonymous call or fill in an online form so that action can be taken. UK readers can report cruelty to the RSPCA by calling their 24 hour cruelty line or filling in an online form. American readers can also call or fill in an online form at the ASPCA. Your help is crucial to remove an animal from an abusive owner.



Have a coffee morning or party in the evening and be a cat cafe for a day with your cat(s) being the stars of the show. You can sell cat toys you have made, charge an entrance fee, and have a small paid menu. Check out these Arch Cafe Coconut Cappuccinos and why not make a Cat Litter Cake? Invite friends and donate the proceeds to your local animal shelter. It’s a great way of getting together with friends and is sure to give you a warm glow of satisfaction.



Have you got old towels and blankets that are taking up space? Have a clear out and donate those old sheets, toys and even newspapers to your local shelter rather than throwing them away as rubbish and sending to landfill. Your local shelter will be glad of them, your home will be all neat and tidy and you’ll feel great you that you did it.


We all shop anyway so here are a number of companies who donate to charity when you buy. Don’t go out of your way to buy something you don’t need but as and when you need something bookmark this page and come back to it, to see if you can help your chosen charities. We’ve researched some brands and products that donate up to 100% of their profits to animal shelters.



Readers in the UK can sign up to the VIP Club with Pets at Home. This pet superstore sells virtually everything your pet needs. By making essential purchases such as pet food and litter from Pets At Home using the VIP club, you’ll be helping to raise funds for animals that don’t have a home. As you make your purchase, you can even choose the charity you would like your donation to go to!



Nestle Purina are heavily into pets and people and are major philanthropists. By choosing Purina products for your cat or dog you are supporting numerous causes that Purina advocate.


Not only do they invest over ten million dollars annually, they also deliver food and litter to over 1,200 animal shelters. Consider finding a Purina cat food your cat enjoys and buy in bulk on Amazon to maximize your donation as Amazon will donate too. You’ll also save money by buying in bulk and by having the monthly order sent to your home you’ll have less to cart around when you do your local shop. Take a look at these monthly deals on Purina cat food.


This 32 pack of Friskies for chicken lovers comes with a free cat bowl. I know that my cats particularly seem to favor Friskies over other popular brands, and there are lots of varieties to choose from including fish-i-licious, seafood, shreds or a variety pack. You can really stock up and make huge saving by buying ordering up to 5 boxes of 32 cans which comes with two free cat bowls and a tray to deal with spills.


Purina also produce a range of cat litter aptly called Yesterday’s News as the product is made from recycled materials. It’s a far better choice than clay cat litter which involves strip mining. You can buy the veterinarian approved product in pails of 5, 15 and 30 lbs. Check out the usage instructions to get the best from this environmentally friendly product which absorbs three times the moisture than clay litter and is 99.7% dust free.






If you’re shopping for Xmas and you have friends and family that are pet lovers, consider browsing at Pawzaar. They have a number of cool gifts including jewelry, bags, t-shirts and other apparel that pet parents will love. Pawzaar send a toy to a pet in a shelter waiting for a forever home with every single order.  




If you wear glasses, then bookmark this page for the next time you are looking for a new pair. Fetch Eyewear give 100% of their profits to pet charities. Specs start from just $95 and there’s a lifetime guarantee on all their designer frames.



Check out this adorable trilogy of books by Randall Starewicz’s about two dogs, Max and Miles, that bond at an animal shelter. Kids will love the books, and while teaching about adoption it also carries a message of hope and to never give up. 100% of the profits are donated to local animal shelters.



Shelter pets have produced a delightful series of eight plush toys all based on real animals that were adopted through shelters in the US. Each cuddly replica comes with its own story of hope. You can collect all eight, with 10% of profits being donated to the shelter that rescued them. There are three dogs, two cats, a bunny, a rat and a fox to choose from.


Thanks for reading and I hope you found something to do to help out. I’d love to hear about any fundraisers, crafts or volunteer work and if you have any other ideas. Leave your comments below and if you could share the page so more people can get some ideas that would be awesome.



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