Never Mind About Julian Assange – How’s his Mistreated Cat?

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How To Get Rid Of Fleas/Ticks On A Cat Or Kitten

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10 ways to keep your indoor cat happy

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Take a trip to Pawzaar and check out simply purrfect jewellery. 10% of your order total goes to helping animal shelters.

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Free Cat Food! Taste Testers Required for Cat Food

We're looking for guest cats to try out cat food. Does your cat have diabetes, kidney disease or another condition?

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Learn to Speak Cat

Ever wonder what the devil your kitty is saying? National Geographic explains the true meaning in this fun book

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November Giveaway

Thanks for all your entries guys. November's winner is Krystal from Pennyslvania, USA and, of course, Daisy Mae will be the proud recipient of the Kole Christmas Stocking, packed with toys in time for Christmas! We look forward to hearing if Daisy Mae enjoyed her gifts for Santa Paws...

December Giveaway

The December giveaway is a delightful plaid knitted turtleneck sweater to keep your kitty warm through January. More details of the giveaway will be in a blog post. To enter you just need to subscribe so that we have your email details to send you the prize. Best of luck. 

Christmas Plans for Kinsey & Biden

Last year, our adopted cat Kinsey would have been around 4 months old and was still a homeless kitten on the streets of Burgas, Bulgaria. It is bitterly cold with temperatures below freezing unpleasant for any cat and it's a wonder she survived. Biden was but a twinkle in his mother's eye. We're hoping to take these two lucky kittens to a five star hotel, The Royal Castle Design Spa Hotel, for Christmas and we'll be sharing photos from there.


Sharing is Caring...

Check out our November GIVEAWAY and grab your cat the purrfect gift from Santa Paws in time for Christmas